With the rise in bicycling as a healthy, environmentally-friendly way of getting around has come an increase in bicycle injuries. All over the country, lawmakers are looking for ways to safely incorporate bicycles into the regular flow of motor vehicle traffic, but accidents continue to happen—often causing grievous injury to the bicyclist.

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Nearly every negligent motorist action that can lead to an automotive accident can also lead to a bicycle accident. However, in these cases, bicyclists are often marginalized on the road, forgotten, and directly exposed to extremely dangerous impacts.
Negligent motorist actions that put bicyclists at risk include:

  • Speeding Distracted driving (radio, texting, phones, etc.)
  • Drifting in to bicycle lanes Failing to signal a turn Failing to signal a lane change Failing to look for bicyclists when exiting the vehicle Impaired driving (DUI, drugs, etc.)

When any of these actions result in an injury to a bicyclist, then negligence is a factor and legal action should be taken. Attorney Brockman is well-versed in making the gravity of his clients’ pain and suffering plain to a judge and jury and ensures that every legal avenue towards compensation is explored to its fullest extent.

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