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on June 3rd, 2017

How a Recall Can Affect a Product Liability Lawsuit

Manufacturers often issue recalls of products they have discovered are dangerous or defective and are likely to cause harm to consumers. In some cases, these recalls come after some injuries are reported to the manufacturers, and sometimes before any injuries are reported and the manufacturer wants to prevent injuries. Not all product recalls are high…

on April 6th, 2017

Injuries by Foreign Objects in Food

Finding a foreign object in your food can certainly be upsetting and even dangerous depending on the type of object and how you make contact with it. Finding a razor blade or stone in your food after biting into it can be more serious than becoming disgusted after finding a dead bug or other object…

on April 1st, 2017

Food Poisoning Lawsuits: Do You Have A Case?

Millions of people suffer from food poisoning every year, and out of those, thousands require medical treatment, and many cases are fatal. While it’s normal to get a little stomach bug now and then from eating at a restaurant, when your symptoms are serious enough, you may be entitled to seek damages. Filing a claim…

on February 25th, 2017

Hoverboards pulled from major online retailers

Hoverboards, the hottest trend of 2015’s gift giving season are getting even hotter, and not in a good way. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported 12 incidents in the United States alone where the lithium ion batteries that power these hoverboards have caught fire and sometimes destroyed entire homes. A letter from the…


Is this the largest vehicle safety recall in American history?

An item intended to save your life during a car accident can potentially cause more harm than good. A common brand of airbag inflators has the potential to deploy more as an explosive than as a safety device, sending metal shards through your vehicle. A recall has been issued for Takata brand airbag inflators, a…

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