DUI Accident Attorneys Serving Georgia

    DUI Accident Attorneys Serving Georgia

    We have no pity for drunk drivers. These menaces to society recklessly endanger lives. Thankfully, the court system has a powerful remedy and sanction for drunk drivers who crash into victims.

    DUI victims not only have the right to pursue recovery for their actual losses, but also punitive damages, which are designed to punish the drunk driver and to deter him or her from getting behind the wheel of a car and driving drunk again. At times like this, you need a Georgia DUI victims lawyer to help you through the process and advocate your best interests.

    Claims adjusters have a different focus. Having someone on your side helps to “level the playing field” and makes sure that your best interests are effectively presented and pursued.

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      Pursuing DUI Victim Claims

      There are restrictions and procedural requirements for fully pursuing DUI victim claims, but the rewards for success can be great-both recovering monetary compensation for victims and “sending a message” that our society will not tolerate drunk driving and will punish those who drive drunk. By pursuing a punitive damages claim against a drunk driver, you are helping other would-be victims by giving drunk drivers a strong monetary disincentive to getting behind the wheel and endangering other good people like you.

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