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    Co-counsel agreements and fee sharing Most states, including Georgia, permit lawyers in different firms to share contingent fees in a personal injury case as long as the client agrees to the division of fees and each lawyer is jointly responsible for the claim.

    Fee sharing allows lawyers that practice in the same, and often, different practice areas, such as family law, criminal law, business law or any other specialty to jointly represent a personal injury claimant and share in the contingency fee.

    The customary percentage of fee sharing for a referring attorney is normally 30% of the attorney fee. The percentage of fee payable to co-counsel can, however, range anywhere from 20% to as high as 45% of the contingent fee. The duties of co-counsel are normally maintaining the relationship with the client. Indeed, the referring attorney’s name often does not appear on the pleadings in many jurisdictions as Jonathan R. Brockman, P.C. is providing the subject matter expertise.

    Approximately 50% of our cases at Jonathan R. Brockman, P.C. come from other lawyers who have associated the firm because of our expertise in handling catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases including medical malpractice, trucking and commercial vehicle, premises liability, and motor vehicle claims. Our referring lawyers often do not have expertise in the area of the referred matter but still maintain a significant portion of the contingency fee.

    Another advantage to the client and the referring attorney as a result of referring the case to Jonathan R. Brockman, P.C. is that we advance all costs and expenses in pursuing the claim. Prosecuting serious injury claims is often quite expensive because of the expenses associated with retaining expert witnesses as well as the overall costs associated with litigation.

    Division of Fee

    We typically agree to co-counsel fee sharing percentages at the beginning of the claim and memorialize the agreement in writing so that everyone is aware of the percentage.

    Peer Reviews

    “Jon, Cynthia and everyone at the firm are excellent lawyers and wonderful to deal with. They are very knowledgeable and very prompt. They get results. We highly recommend this firm.”

    – Josie Siemon

    “I have known Jon Brockman for almost 29 years. In that time I have had the opportunity to refer clients and friends to him. I have chosen to refer to Jon because I know that he is a smart and dedicated attorney who is committed to protecting his clients in all aspects of their cases. I trust Jon to follow through in the pursuit of the clients’ best interests, and I have never heard that he has not performed in this manner. Were I to need representation for injuries, I would not hesitate to speak with Jon first. I am pleased to highly recommend Jon Brockman to the community. MD Birchmore, Georgia Attorney at Law.”

    – Mike Birchmore

    “Jon is not only a great lawyer, but very personable.”

    – Amy Radley

    “In a world and certainly a practice area where integrity matters, Jon Brockman is one of the good guys. It is a pleasure and a blessing to have someone like Jon in the community to who I can refer my clients when they need a personal injury attorney.”

    – Kevin Tallant

    “I have had the privilege of working with Jon as a prosecutor as well as in private practice. He is highly respected by both his colleagues in the legal community as well as by the judiciary. If you are in need of an excellent personal injury attorney, I highly recommend him.”

    – John Morgan

    “Jon is an excellent lawyer. Smart, skilled and relentless. He is highly regarded in our community.”

    – Marc Cunat, Criminal defense Attorney

    “I endorse this lawyer. I’ve worked with Jon on a major tractor-trailer accident case, but he did all the major lifting as his expertise in this area of law is far superior to mine. I highly recommend him for all injury claims.”

    – Daniel Soloway, Social security Attorney

    “I have had the pleasure of working both with and against Jon on many cases. He is an incredibly prepared and creative attorney. You cannot find better representation than Jon.”

    – Allen Broughton, Car accident Attorney

    “I heartily endorse this attorney. He has great compassion for his clients, and passion for his profession.”

    – James Hamilton, Criminal defense Attorney

    “I have worked on the same side of personal injury cases with Jon Brockman and also on opposing sides. He is consistently aggressive, creative and honest. I would recommend him without reservation.”

    – Charles Johnson, Car accident Attorney

    “I had the pleasure of working with Jon Brockman for a number of years and always considered him to be an extremely capable, ethical, and dedicated attorney. Jon’s legal skills and knowledge make him an exceptional advocate for his clients both in and out of the courtroom. I endorse Jon without hesitation.”

    – Steven Angles, Personal injury Attorney

    “Our firm has had the pleasure of working with Jon Brockman as co-counsel on personal injury cases. Jon possesses a wealth of knowledge in personal injury law. Jon is well known in our community as a reputable, trustworthy, and diligent advocate in court. I would highly recommend Jon.”

    – Robert McFarland, Trucking accident Attorney

    “I have had the pleasure to work with Jon through the years on a variety of personal injury cases as well as having trusted Jon with clients I have referred to him. I can say with the greatest confidence, that there is simply no lawyer more intelligent than Jon and no lawyer that will work harder on a case than Jon. It does not matter if a client’s case is small or large, the work on the case is top notch and handled with a high degree of skill. As a personal injury litigator, there is no attorney in Georgia that is better than Jon and I would trust him with representation of my family, friends and clients.”

    – Michael Morgan, Insurance Attorney

    “Too many personal injury lawyers rely on volume and are known to avoid trial. Jon is not in this camp, in my opinion. I know Jon to be an excellent lawyer with the trial skills needed to vigorously represent his clients. I do not hesitate to call on Jon when I need to associate with a personal injury lawyer or refer a matter to him.”

    – Matthew Dominick, Real estate Attorney

    “I endorse this lawyer. Jon is a great lawyer. He is responsive to his client and does a great job. I highly recommend Jon and refer many clients to his office.”

    – Albert McManes, Personal injury Attorney

    “I had the pleasure of working with John as co-counsel when we were both working for the big bad insurance companies. I have also seen him in action as he is now a Plaintiff’s attorney. He sure has taken those defense secrets and uses those to his advantage now. Excellent courtroom demeanor and a true fighter.”

    – Michael Soucy, Divorce and separation Attorney

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