Georgia Reckless Driving Lawyers

    Reckless driving accidents occur every day in Georgia and can cause lasting damage to other drivers, passengers, pedestrians and property. From small towns like Cumming or the larger cities of Gainesville, no community is immune to reckless drivers.

    Many drivers engage in behavior that is considered reckless without even realizing it. Reckless driving is considered behavior that is done with the intent to intimidate, out perform other vehicles, or express strong emotion (i.e. road rage). This behavior is done without consideration for the safety of others.

    Reckless driving can seriously impact the lives of innocent victims. A reckless driving victim can find themselves with temporary or permanent injuries which can lead to large medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. In a matter of moments, these innocent people can have their lives turned upside down. Reckless driving, like DUI and hit-and-run can give rise to a claim for punitive damages. Reckless drivers often have a history of this type of behavior and require the imposition of punitive damages to help deter them from the same or similar conduct in the future.

    Common Types of Reckless Driving:

    • DUI (Driving under the Influence)
    • Excessive speeding
    • Road rage
    • Disobeying traffic signs and signals
    • Disregarding dangerous weather conditions
    • Racing
    • Eluding a police officer
    • Hit and run
    • Racing
    • Laying drags

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