Attorney Jonathan Brockman Wins Client $138k in Auto-Pedestrian Case

    Posted on Saturday, February 25th, 2017 at 5:17 pm    

    In a case involving a woman who was struck by a car while crossing a road in Fulton County, Attorney Jonathan R. Brockman was able to attain $138,000 in compensation for his client. The woman who was struck by the vehicle endured serious injuries such as open fractures of her tibia and fibula, fractures to her eye socket and nasal bones, facial laceration and chest contusion. She required extensive operations as a result of her injuries.
    Attorney Brockman was able to navigate a most difficult case. In this particular case, liability was difficult to prove since there was no denying the injuries sustained by the woman. The pressing question was an issue of fault. With both parties seemingly at fault, this was a challenging issue within the case. According to Jonathan Brockman, “If liability had been clearer, we would have asked for more”.
    Liability was indeed difficult to prove, as the two parties involved in the accident appeared to maintain equal fault. What made matters more complex was the quality of life experienced by Attorney Brockman’s client after the accident. Jurors believed that she was in surprisingly good health after the accident. As a result, they decided that the woman was 49% at fault in the accident.
    Attorney Brockman commented on the verdict, “Basically they [the jurors] said it was a hard case. They felt like the number was appropriate because she was getting along so much better in her life, and that it was so close”. By proving that the woman was only 49% liable for the accident, Attorney Brockman was able to attain a settlement of just below $138,000 for his client.
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