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on February 1st, 2023

How You Know If Your Deposition Went Well

In any legal matter, including a personal injury case, the parties exchange evidence during a process known as discovery. Attorneys have various tools available during the discovery process. One example is a deposition. Attorneys use depositions for interviewing opposing parties and other witnesses. Depositions allow attorneys to conduct interviews and ask questions to uncover the…

on January 1st, 2023

What Happens at a Deposition?

A deposition often occurs during the discovery process in a personal injury lawsuit. Discovery involves the plaintiff’s lawyer and defense attorney requesting evidence from each other. Either lawyer can depose the other’s client or a witness to the incident. Depositions can be stressful. However, adequate preparation can help you get through the process smoothly. Knowing…

on September 1st, 2022

How Are Personal Injury Settlements Paid?

If you are involved in a personal injury case, you should understand the process of how personal injury settlements are paid out, so you know what to expect. It’s exciting when you finally settle a personal injury case. You want to deposit your check immediately so you can spend it. However, you likely won’t receive…

on August 1st, 2022

Four Mistakes to Avoid in Your Personal Injury Claim

If you have been seriously hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault, this can be an overwhelming and confusing experience. Your injury may be due to any type of accident. In Georgia, motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of injury deaths and the number two cause of visits to the emergency room…

on July 10th, 2022

How Does Mediation Work in a Personal Injury Case?

Most personal injury cases end in insurance settlements for one key reason: Trials are risky for both the plaintiff and defendant, whereas a settlement is guaranteed money for the injured party and brings the case to a definitive end. It is in both sides’ interest to avoid a trial, yet there are times when settlement…

on July 1st, 2022

Are Therapy Costs Included in My Special Damages?

When you have been involved in a serious accident caused by someone else, you are aware of the pain from your injuries and the financial losses you have sustained. But one thing many people do not account for is how an accident can impact their mental health. Treating nightmares, anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder…

on June 1st, 2022

Can I Change Lawyers in the Middle of a Claim?

When you hire a lawyer, finding someone you can trust is high on your list of qualifications. Honesty and integrity form the cornerstones of your relationship with your attorney, and if you can’t trust someone, why would you place vital aspects of your life into their hands? Your lawyer should be someone you can tell…

on May 10th, 2022

How to File a Personal Injury Claim and Lawsuit

While personal injury lawsuits are not rare, most people do not file more than one in their lives. This means that the majority of people do not have a full understanding of how personal injury claims and lawsuits work. Personal injury lawsuits are civil actions that are separate from any criminal charges that might be…

on May 1st, 2022

Best Ways to Track Medical Expenses after My Accident

Being injured in an accident is an overwhelming experience. In addition to the serious pain you are experiencing, you may also be dealing with a whole new set of life circumstances. If your injuries have rendered you temporarily or permanently disabled, the time you must take off work will mean that you are unable to…

on April 20th, 2022

What You Should Never Say to a Doctor After an Accident

If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, your doctor will play a key role in determining how you are compensated for your injuries. With that in mind, it is essential to watch what you say to your doctor, as saying the wrong thing could jeopardize your case and prevent you…

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