Tips to prevent summer teen auto accidents

    Posted on Saturday, February 25th, 2017 at 4:30 pm    

    Summer is Auto Accident Season for Teen Drivers

    This week marks the beginning of summer, which means school is out and more teen drivers will be on the road. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that summer months are the deadliest for teen drivers. This doesn’t come as too much of a surprise; summer break allows teen drivers more opportunity to hit the road. Unfortunately, we adults still have to work while still finding time to parent our teenagers. This is extra stressful when your child becomes a teen driver. You know you won’t be able to watch them 24/7, but providing them with a set of tools when they are out and about could save their life this summer.
    Be a good example. Remember how adorable it was when your kids began to mimic your behavior? Well there’s a good chance they never stopped. You are their first example of proper driving techniques. If you want your teen to stay off the phone, drive the speed limit, and focus on the road and not the radio while driving be sure you are doing the same.
    Talk to them about the risks of driving. It’s safe to assume we all talk to our teens about the dangers of drinking and driving, and it does seem to be paying off. Statistics show that teen drivers drink and drive less than adults (when teens do drink and drive their crash risks are higher). Drinking isn’t the only risk involved with driving. Cell phone use, driving with friends, and night driving are all important issues that need to be addressed.
    Set Boundaries. Every parent of a teenager has more than likely met that teen version of their sweet baby who knows more than them and is convinced of their immortality. This temporary (we hope) version of your child needs boundaries to keep them safe when you can’t be there to watch over them. Make sure your teen driver knows your rules and follows them. Set guidelines for how many miles from home they can drive, how many friends can be in the car, if they can drive at night. Setting these boundaries early helps to create safe habits in your teen driver.
    As Cumming Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers we have seen the destruction caused by teen drivers unprepared for the responsibilities of operating a motor vehicle. Let’s all make 2016 the safest summer yet. Talk to your kids about the risks and responsibilities involved with the privilege of driving.

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