How to Win Your Worker’s Compensation Case

    Posted on Sunday, August 13th, 2017 at 7:43 pm    

    From the moment you begin your job and step on the jobsite, your employer is required to provide legal and medical protections for you. This special type of insurance is called worker’s compensation insurance, and this is what will cover your damages if you are injured on the job. Millions of people are hurt each year as a result of job-related accidents or unsafe conditions, but only some of them go on to file a claim and win their case. If you have recently been hurt at work, and you want to know how to give yourself the best shot possible at winning your case, here are a few important tips to keep in mind:

    1. Document everything

    Be diligent and organized in your collection of evidence. Keep detailed records of the injuring incident, witnesses, external circumstances, medical treatments and evaluation, and anything else related to your workplace, your job benefits, and your level of disability. Make sure that you keep both printed and electronic copies of these files, and store them safely.

    1. Follow the protocol

    Each employer has a specific outlined protocol for dealing with workplace injury, and it’s best if you cooperate and follow all the steps. Report your injury right away, fill out the required forms, give your testimony, and go to the recommended doctor or clinic. If you deviate from the standard procedure, it may be harder to make a compelling case in court.

    1. Be consistent

    Make sure that, from the moment you file your claim, to the moment your claim is won and closed, that your story and behavior remain consistent. Don’t change your testimony, or attempt to exaggerate or downplay your injuries. Follow the treatment suggested by the physician who examined you, and try to act/dress in a manner that is congruent with your injuries. For example, wear your recommended sling or brace, use your special eyewear, and keep your medications and other medical devices like canes with you at all times.

    1. Hire the right attorney

    Even if you are diligent and persistent about your case, if you have an unexperienced attorney on board, you don’t stand a good chance of winning your claim. Look for a capable and knowledgeable worker’s compensation lawyer in Georgia, and make sure you choose the one that makes you feel heard and respected. With an experienced and savvy attorney, you’ll put yourself in a much better position for getting the compensation that you deserve.
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