4 Tips to Stay Safe on the Road

    Posted on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 at 9:25 pm    

    None of us ever plan to be in a car accident, but these things happen on a regular basis. Thousands of people are injured on Georgia roads every year, and many of these injuries could have been prevented. We all think it will never happen to us, until it does! If you want to reduce your risk of totaling your car, or experiencing serious injury or even death, it’s important to take a proactive approach to driving.
    Most of us think we know how to be safe on the roads, but it’s always nice to have a reminder of how we can be more cautious and more mindful when we’re behind the wheel. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re driving:

    1. Wear your seatbelt

    It seems like common sense, right? But only about 88% of adults regularly wear their seatbelts when driving, and out of all car accident fatalities, 49% of those people weren’t wearing one at the time of the lethal crash. Buckle up every single time you drive and instruct all your passengers to do the same.

    1. Put down the phone

    Distracted driving is at an all-time high, despite serious consequences and steep fines for using cell phones on the road. It may not seem like a big deal to answer a quick text or post something online, but every second that your eyes (and your attention) are off the road, the bigger risk you have of getting into an accident.

    1. Follow the traffic laws

    We all know someone (maybe that’s you!) who rolls through stop signs, turns even when the light is red, or speeds through city streets. However, these seemingly small behaviors can turn deadly in an instant. Get back in the habit of obeying speed limits and red lights, looking around you before turning or merging, and using extra caution around other cars.

    1. Maintain your vehicle

    It might not seem like something dangerous, but a poorly maintained car is a serious hazard to you and other drivers. Make sure you service your vehicle regularly, fix mechanical issues right away, and routinely check your wipers, lights, mirrors, and other safety features. When your car runs smoothly, and you have good visibility, you’ll be safer on the road.
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