Flight Attendant Spilled Scalding Water on 12yr Old Causing Burns

    Posted on Friday, February 2nd, 2018 at 10:24 pm    

    When our clients boarded their flight to go on vacation, they never envisioned their 12 year old would leave the plane with a 3rd degree burn on his chest but that is just what happened.
    A flight attendant on a major airline was carrying an uncovered scalding hot cup of water and someone exited the lavatory bumping into her.  When she was bumped, she spilled the scalding liquid on the chest of our client’s 12 year old.
    It is negligent for an airline attendant to move about the cabin with an uncovered liquid that is so hot it can cause 3rd degree burns as it is foreseeable that the flight attendant could be bumped by a passenger or the plane could experience turbulence causing the liquid to spill.
    We pursued the claim and we were able to obtain a satisfactory result for our client against the major airline.

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