Common Challenges in Workers Compensation Claims

    Posted on Monday, May 7th, 2018 at 9:33 pm    

    Thousands of people will file workers compensation claims each year here in Georgia, but many of those claims don’t go according to plan. Many employees run into snags while trying to get the compensation they deserve, and end up spending more time, energy, and money than they anticipated. Depending on your injury, your employer, and your employer’s policy, you may encounter certain challenges at different points during the claims process. However, if you can anticipate potential problems, and have a plan to handle them, your case will likely go more smoothly.
    One of the best things you can do for yourself in your workers comp claim, is to hire a qualified workers compensation attorney in Georgia. Too many people think they can handle everything on their own, but end up either being drowned in confusing paperwork, or strong-armed into dropping or altering their claim. It’s important to remember that employers generally do not want their employees filing these claims, and it’s not unheard of for HR or insurance representatives to intimidate or coerce injured workers. Remember to look for an unbiased third party to give you good advice- you have the right to an attorney!
    Once you have filed your claim, and are doing your part to keep things moving along, don’t assume that all will be smooth sailing from there. Much of the time, injured employees encounter speedbumps, such as:

    • Denied claims
    • Disputes about injuries or medical conditions
    • Disputes over preexisting conditions
    • Disputes over wage rates and proper compensation
    • Difficulties returning to work with accomodations
    • Disputes over employee classification and associated benefits

    The prospect of having to deal with these kinds of problems is something that keeps many employees from filing a claim at all. Unfortunately, the system is set up to intimidate you, and it’s perfectly normal for a worker’s compensation claim to hit some snags along the way. This is where an experienced lawyer is worth their weight in gold. Georgia workers comp attorneys are well-versed in the system, and have experience dealing with all of these claim speedbumps, and more. You can relax, knowing that a professional is handling the problems, and advocating on your behalf. This frees up your time and energy to heal, recuperate, and start putting your life back together!
    Whether you are just filing your claim now, or your claim has already hit a roadblock, it’s time to contact a lawyer. Reach out to us at the law office of Jonathan R. Brockman today, and ask for your free consultation.

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