Preventing Dog Bites: When to Stay Away From Dogs

    Posted on Friday, August 10th, 2018 at 5:20 pm    

    Dogs are beloved pets in our society, and they are found everywhere you go. However, just because they are popular, it doesn’t mean that they are always safe or that you will always have a positive interaction with them. There are many common misconceptions about “friendly” dogs, and that all dogs are safe to approach or try to play with; this kind of thinking can put you in harm’s way.
    There are dozens of different circumstances that may lead to a dog bite injury, and we can’t always predict the outcome of any of our dealings with dogs. However, there are certain clues that we can notice, that tell us when a dog-related situation may not be safe. It can be difficult to avoid dogs, especially if you believe that the animal is suffering and you want to help, but having more savvy around these animals can prevent you and your loved ones from serious physical and psychological harm.
    Here are some instances where you may be better off staying away from a dog:

    1. If the dog is clearly starving – Whether the dog is in a neighbor’s backyard, or is wandering the streets, a severely emaciated dog may pose a threat. Think about how you feel when you haven’t eaten in a while, and multiple that by ten! Survival instincts are running high, and aggression may be increased in an animal that is hungry.
    2. If the dog is clearly being abused – Although it may be difficult to see an animal in this position, unless you are trained in animal control and rescue operations, approaching an abused dog is dangerous. Instead of approaching the dog, trying to free it, or other up-close action, call your local authorities instead.
    3. If the dog is a stray or street dog – Sometimes, when dogs haven’t had much social interaction with humans, they can behave in unpredictable ways. There are many stray dogs that roam the streets of Atlanta, that may not be safe to approach or engage with. Again, if you are concerned about the dog’s welfare, you may call the local authorities instead of trying to help on your own.
    4. If the dog has a history of aggression – In some cases, you may know a particular dog’s history. If you know that a dog tends to pick fights with other dogs, tends to nip or jump at humans, or is a trained police or military dog, stay away whenever you can.

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