Back to School Safety Tips

    Posted on Friday, August 17th, 2018 at 5:23 pm    

    It’s that time of year, when the kids pack up their school supplies and head back to class. Whether your children are starting elementary school, or are getting ready to go to college, as a parent you’re likely worried about their health and safety. Back-to-school season can be chaotic, and often involves a lot of new routines, new surroundings, and new risks as well. If you want your kids to be as safe and happy as possible, there are a few things you can do during this time of year.

    Here are some tips for you and your kids, to prevent illness and injury in this back-to-school transition:

    Practice food smarts

    When kids go back to class, they also go back to the cafeteria, and are exposed to lots of different foods. Even if your child doesn’t have any specific food allergies, it’s important to teach them proper food handling, so they don’t get sick. Foodborne illnesses are common in schools, and can be serious, or even deadly in some cases. Talk to your kids about washing their hands, keeping their lunches at the right temperature, and how to avoid food that looks unsafe or contaminated.

    Put down distractions

    For children old enough to have cell phones and tablets, these pieces of technology can present a real hazard. Too many kids trip and fall, run into objects, or walk out into traffic, because they’re distracted by something digital. Try to get them in the habit of putting away their screens while traversing new areas, and when walking around traffic. This becomes extremely important if your child is of driving age; set strict limits on phone use in the car for everyone’s safety.

    Find balance

    With the extreme pressures put on kids today to excel in school and sports, and the pressure on parents to “do it all,” we can all end up exhausted. And when we’re burned out, our immune systems don’t function as well, our mental processes are slower, and we aren’t as good at avoiding danger. If you and your kids want to avoid tragic accidents, serious illness, or other life-altering problems, make sure you set aside time for rest. Practice a healthy life balance, and invest in family self-care.

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