What Age are the Most “Dangerous” Drivers?

    Posted on Friday, February 8th, 2019 at 12:14 pm    

    You probably remember the feeling of getting your driver’s license for the first time. It was likely a mixture of excitement to get out on the road and drive yourself around combined with the fear of driving on your own. Most people do not start out as expert drivers, but instead must build experience by getting out there and driving. However, there are many dangers associated with young drivers.
    A recent study conducted by the AAA Traffic Safety Foundation has raised some concerns for drivers throughout Georgia. Drivers who are between the ages of 19 and 24 routinely engage in some risky behaviors that can not be ignored. The report found that approximately 88% of drivers aged 19 and 24, commonly referred to as millennials, have engaged in at least one risky behavior while driving over the course of 30 days.
    The term “risky behaviors” can seem broad, but the study has found commonalities between millennials and risky driving behavior.

    • Texting While Driving: During the court of the 30-day study, millennial drivers were found to have used their cellphones at an alarming rate. They were 1.6 times more likely to read a text or email while driving and two times more likely to send a text or email while driving.
    • Speeding: Approximately 12 % of drivers aged 19 to 24 stated that they thought it was acceptable behavior to drive 10 miles an hour over the speed limit while driving in a school zone. Additionally, the drivers were 1.4 times more likely to drive 10 miles per hour over the speed limit in a residential area.
    • Running Red Lights: We have all been tempted to speed up when a light turns from green to yellow to avoid having to stop at a red light. Drivers aged 19 to 24 are not exempt from this temptation. 50% of the drivers had driven through a recently turned red light when they had the opportunity and ability to safely stop. Of these same drivers, 14% think it is acceptable to drive through a recently turned red light.

    The risky behaviors listed above are not exclusive to drivers aged 19 to 24, but this age group is more susceptible to them. Lack of experience, immaturity, and the pure excitement to be on the road are just a few of the reasons that this age group is so susceptible.
    Drivers can not get better without gaining experience. This does not mean that risky driving behavior should ever be accepted or encouraged. Even so, accidents can still happen because of the risky behaviors of drivers of any age. If you have been injured by a driver engaging in risky behavior, there are options available to you. The personal injury attorneys at Jonathan R. Brockman, P.C. are here to help you. Recovering from an accident can be difficult, both physically and financially. Personal injury suits are an option for those who have been injured by another’s negligent actions. Contact us today for a consultation.

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