Georgia Stop Sign Violation Accidents

    Posted on Friday, April 12th, 2019 at 3:45 pm    

    Many motorists falsely believe that other motorists will obey all posted signs and warnings, including stopping completely at all stop signs. In reality, many drivers ignore or do not fully stop at stop signs. This dangerous type of driving behavior has the potential to cause serious accidents and injuries, and property damage.
    Applicable Law in Georgia
    In order to be charged with a stop sign violation, a driver must meet three requirements:

    • The individual must be driving a vehicle that is approaching a stop sign,
    • The stop sign must be located at the entrance or within an intersection or railroad crossing, and
    • The individual must fail to come to a stop at a line near the intersection, crosswalk, or railroad crossing entrance.

    Why Run a Stop Sign?
    There are several reasons why motor vehicle operators choose to run stop signs, and many of them involve some form of negligence. Many drivers who run stop signs do so because they believe that no one else is at the intersection. This mistake can be deadly. Drivers should always stop fully so that they can take a careful look at their surroundings. Another common reason for running stop signs is that the motor vehicle driver is distracted. Some drivers slow down but do not entirely stop at stop signs. These types of “rolling stops” do not provide drivers with enough time to fully observe their surroundings and prevent collisions.
    Steps to Avoid Stop Sign Violations
    There are some important steps that motor vehicle drivers can take to prevent accidents from occurring. Motorists should stop at the painted stop line or before the crosswalk. If pavement markings are not available at an intersection, motorists should stop before reaching the stop sign. Scan for hazards before proceeding through an intersection. If another vehicle is stopped ahead of you at a stop sign, stop far enough back to see the other vehicle’s tires.
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