What You Need to Know About Life-Altering Catastrophic Injuries

    Posted on Friday, November 1st, 2019 at 2:59 pm    

    Although modern vehicles are much safer than those from the past, driving or riding in a vehicle is still one of the most dangerous things we do from day to day. Thousands of people in the U.S. are killed in motor vehicle accidents every year, and many more suffer catastrophic injuries.  
    These catastrophic injuries can be life altering to the victim and their family. A loss of career, extensive medical care, and in home care, as well as the emotional stress of the injury can be tough for everyone involved. That is why if you or your loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury, you need to speak to an experienced attorney
    Common Catastrophic Injuries
    Although there are a variety of injuries that can be considered catastrophic, and not all of them are caused by car accidents, here is a list of the most common catastrophic injuries resulting from car accidents:

    • Traumatic Brain Injury – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention define TBIs as a disruption of the normal brain function due to a blow, bump, or jolt to the head or a head injury that is penetrating. The injury can be permanent or temporary. A TBI can cause issues with thinking, reasoning, memory, physical movement, speaking abilities, and vision. They can result in a change of personality and cause anxiety, depression, aggression, lack of emotional control, and other emotional changes.
    • Spinal and Neck Injuries – Even accidents that do not seem severe can result in spinal cord damage. The spine is the pathway the brain uses to send messages to the rest of the body. When damage occurs, the result is complete or partial paralysis. This can prevent someone from being able to care for themselves or others, keep them from working or living alone, and take away their enjoyment of life.
    • Amputation – If a limb is lost during an accident, it will impact the future of the victim forever. The victim may need modifications to their vehicle or home, they may be considered disabled, and may lose their ability to work. Prosthetic limbs are also very expensive.
    • Burns – Burn wounds are very painful and may require extensive reconstructive surgeries and skin grafts. They may also result in disfigurement and scarring, which can impact the victim’s social and personal life. 
    • Internal Injuries – Although these injuries are not visible from the outside, they can still be just as severe. Internal injuries damage a person’s internal organs, which can result in those organs needing to be removed or replaced. The victim may have to undergo extreme treatments and surgery for extended periods. These injuries can also result in death.

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