Car Defects That can Lead to Accidents

    Posted on Friday, February 7th, 2020 at 8:50 am    

    If you drive fairly regularly or have at least taken driving lessons at some point, then you will know that safety precautions must always be adopted before you take to the road. Once you are behind the wheel, there will always be some risk of accident, and you must do all that you can to prevent one from happening.
    Traffic-related accidents happen due to various reasons. Cars that are not properly maintained are more likely to cause accidents. Car defects are, therefore, primary causes of car accidents as defects make a vehicle very unsafe.
    The points below discuss the different types of car defects that can occur that may result in car accidents:

    • Seatbelt and Seat Defects: When your seatbelt is fastened, you will not be jerked and ejected through the front window of the car. However, if the seatbelt has defects, then this might happen and lead to serious injuries. Seats that have defects often collapse, causing sudden jerks and becoming very unsafe for all passengers.
    • Airbag Defects: Faulty airbags can cause a lot of damage. If the airbags do not deploy when required, the driver or anyone else on the front seats can suffer from serious injuries. Airbags that are not working properly also might deploy when they are not required. This can actually lead to accidents, affecting the driver and creating an obstruction.Sometimes, even when the airbags do deploy at the right time, they do so with too much force. This is extremely dangerous and can end up doing much more harm than the actual accident.
    • Wiring and Electrical System Defects: If there are defects in the wiring or the electrical system of the car, it might affect the whole vehicle, causing several aspects of it to malfunction. All of a sudden, the headlights might stop working. This could be very risky, especially at night or in a poorly lit area. Damaged electrical wiring can also lead to sudden fires while on the road.
    • Fuel System Defects: A fuel system defect occurs when the fuel pump does not work properly. This is usually a design defect and it can cause the vehicle to suddenly stop on the road or not move as smoothly as expected. Such a problem on the road can lead to distraction which can cause serious accidents. Other fuel system defects include leaks that are equally dangerous, if not more. Leaks which are not monitored and taken care of can cause the whole vehicle to blow up in the event of a crash.
    • Mechanical Defects: A list of mechanical defects includes all the previous ones and then a few more. These include defects in tires, brakes, and steering. Tires which are not inflated or balanced properly can lead to the driver losing control of the car, even on a very smooth road. If the cylinders, lines, or pads of the brakes are faulty, braking can be difficult. There might also be defects in the hydraulic lines, pump, or rods of the steering and both these mechanical faults can prove to be dangerous.

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