Crush Injuries and Amputations 

    Posted on Friday, February 14th, 2020 at 8:53 am    

    In particularly violent and severe car accidents, passengers or other victims suffer from serious injuries and amputations.
    Injuries in car accidents are usually due to:

    • Arms getting stuck between the seat and the car door
    • The driver’s or the front seat passenger’s legs getting trapped under the dashboard.
    • The victim being crushed between two cars while crossing the road or getting smashed between a car and a wall.

    Crush Injuries and Amputations Caused by Accidents at Work
    Injuries in the workspace usually occur if the work involves handling of machines or heavy labor. Severe injuries in violent accidents can even lead to mangling and amputation.
    Crush injuries at work include:

    • Getting pinned between two objects
    • Getting caught between machinery
    •  Getting hit by random falling objects

    When a crush injury occurs, cells are disrupted, and the forced cells begin to die. This happens due to the formation of lactic acid in the injured muscles and reduced blood flow.
    What to do in Case of a Crush Injury

    • Apply direct pressure to stop bleeding
    •  Cover the affected area with a damp cloth or bandage it. Raise the limb above the heart if that is possible.
    • If the injury is on the head, neck, or spinal cord immediately immobilize the area.

    How Should a Severed Limb or Digit be Treated?

    • Wash the wound with water, gently. You can use a sterile, saline solution if possible.
    • Apply pressure on the wound to stop bleeding and cover with a bandage.
    • Cover the severed part with sterile gauze and place it in a clean bag. Place this bag in another bag and keep it on ice.

    Severed limbs can be salvaged if it is still somewhat functional. However, the procedure often involves several surgeries before it can be successfully completed.
    The Amputation Procedure and What Happens After
    For an amputation, the patient will have to be put under either general or spinal anesthesia. The doctor will check for any redness or sensitivity around the affected area. At the surgical site, the doctor will remove diseased tissue, crushed bone, and seal the blood vessels and nerves. The wound might be closed immediately, or it may be kept open for a while. Sterile bandages and drainage tubes are often used in such cases.
    After the amputation, rehabilitation is important. It will help to heal completely and to get back one’s strength. If a prosthetic limb is attached, then rehabilitation will help the patient to get used to it.
    Complications Involved in Amputations

    • Phantom limb: The patient feels that the amputated limb is still there and is aching or itching
    • Swelling: The area around the surgical site might swell up.
    • Infections: The wound without proper aftercare can become infected.

    Personal Injury Claim or Workers’ Compensation Claim
    Amputation due to crush injuries involves a great amount of money for both medical treatment and rehabilitation. Salvaging a limb can cost more as it requires multiple surgeries. To deal with this along with the trauma of the accident, the victim can claim insurance that will cover most bills and will allow you to recover comfortably.
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