The Importance of the Police Report After a Car Wreck

    Posted on Friday, March 13th, 2020 at 2:45 pm    

    It is very important to obtain a copy of your police report after a car accident. This report contains some important pieces of the puzzle that you will need to pursue compensation from the parties responsible for the crash. 
    The police will come to the scene of your car accident and write an unbiased witness report. They will build as accurate a description of the scene as possible, based on the facts they can collect.
    Even if your car accident is minor, you should always call the police to the scene to create a report so you can have it as a reference in future investigations or personal injury claims for compensation.
    How Police Reports can Help You
    A police report can offer an injured victim a significant advantage in preliminary negotiations with the party responsible for the car accident, or his or her insurance company. For example, in informal compensation negotiations with a lawyer or insurance company, you or your lawyer can use the police report to reference the following points:

    • Weather conditions 
    • Time, date, and location 
    • Preliminary damage assessment
    • Observations about which driver violated basic vehicle regulations

    Information in a Car Accident Report
    The police report may contain not only important information about the accident, but also the contact information of any witnesses of the accident. Most reports include at least the name and phone number of witnesses at the scene, and some contain witness statements. This contact information of the witness can be valuable for an injured victim seeking compensation.
    The injuries that the victim incurs in the accident as well as property damage are also listed in the  police report. For example, the police officer will record if the rear or front bumper is badly damaged, the tail/headlights have been broken, the mirrors have been broken, the doors have been dented, and so on. This information can be used to prove the severity of the injuries you suffered and that they happened as a result of the accident.
    A police report also contains the drivers’ prior criminal histories. If the at-fault party has a long list or prior traffic tickets, that might make it easier for the victim to prove he or she was negligent in causing this accident. If the other party has a history of speeding, drunk driving, or illegal possession of narcotics, it may be easier for the victim to obtain justified compensation.
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