How to Request an Accident Report

    Posted on Thursday, January 20th, 2022 at 12:12 pm    

    car accident reportIf you were involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, you know it’s a traumatic experience. After the dust settles, you’ll need a copy of your Georgia motor vehicle accident report to file an insurance claim.

    The accident report is called a Georgia Uniform Motor Vehicle Accident Report DMVs-523. This is the report that law enforcement uses to record the details of the accident that involves any type of vehicle. The officer who attends the scene records the information.

    This means that if an officer did not come to the scene of your accident, there will not be a Georgia Uniform Motor Vehicle Accident Report filed. In this case, you can file a Personal Report Of Accident form DDS-190.

    However, a Uniform Motor Vehicle Accident Report must be filed if anyone was injured in the accident, if anyone was killed, and/or if there was property damage of more than $500,000 to any single vehicle or property.

    Order a Report Online or Get it in Person

    Georgia is part of the BuyCrash system. This is an online system where you can purchase a copy of the accident report for a small fee. You locate your accident report using identification information, such as your last name, the date of the accident, your driver’s license number, and either your vehicle identification number or the collision report number.

    requesting accident report

    If you do not wish to order the report online, you can also send a written request to BuyCrash to get a copy. The link to the system is on the Georgia Department of Transportation website, where you can also see the crash data dashboard and connect with the Georgia electronic accident reporting system.

    If you have difficulty using the BuyCrash site, there is 24-hour search and technical assistance on the phone or by email. You can also get a copy of your accident report from the local post location of the officer who attended the scene.

    You must go to the specific Police Department, sheriff’s office, or Georgia Highway Patrol office that handled the accident. It can take between five to seven business days after the accident for the report to be available at the police department or through BuyCrash.

    Who Can Get a Copy of an Accident Report?

    Georgia law allows for anyone whose name or other identifying information is on the report to get a copy. Georgia Code Section §50-18-72(a)(5) states that public disclosure of Individual Georgia Uniform Motor Vehicle Accident Reports is not required.

    The exception to this rule is when a request is made in writing that includes a specific need. The law defines someone who needs the report as a person who has a connection to the party in the accident, is part of the criminal justice system who is investigating a criminal act, or a government official or agency who requires it to carry out government business.

    In other cases, an individual who is injured in the collision, witnessed the crash, or has insured one of the parties may also receive a copy of the accident report.

    What’s Included in the Report?

    You need a copy of the accident report to file an insurance claim or to support your case if you intend to file a lawsuit. Once you have the accident report, it’s important to check it for accuracy.

    Your Georgia personal injury attorney will find important information in the report that can lead to a deeper investigation into the cause of the collision. Details that you should check on the report include:

    • Contact information for all parties involved in the collision
    • The driver or drivers the officer considered to be at fault for the crash
    • Whether a breathalyzer test was administered and the results
    • If road conditions or weather were considered a factor by the officer
    • Whether a traffic citation was issued, to whom, and for what
    • The officer’s assessment of the accident, including any contributing factors

    The accident report may also include contact information for the eyewitnesses and passengers and recording of any injuries.

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