Five Ways to Prevent a Car Accident

    Posted on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 at 10:15 am    

    The Insurance Information Institute reports that according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2019, 36,096 people died in car accidents. This was down by two percent from 2018. However, by 2021, there was an 18.4 percent increase in the number of people who died in the first half of the year over the first half of 2020.

    Car accidents are painful, costly, and time-consuming. Luckily, you can take steps to reduce your risk of being involved in a car accident by following some simple steps. If you have immediate questions about your car accident case, don’t hesitate to contact us. Jonathan R. Brockman, P.C. has the experience to help you.

    Avoid Distractions

    distracted driver

    Be sure to avoid distracted driving. It may not seem like a big deal to take the occasional phone call or eat lunch while commuting to work. Yet, many accidents involve at least one driver who was distracted. This means you’re involved in doing something other than driving, while you’re driving.

    There are three categories of distracted driving. They are being distracted with your hands, your eyes, or your thoughts. Considering these types of distracted driving, texting while driving is among the worst distractions. Because of this, many states have banned texting and driving, including Georgia. Georgia law says that drivers can only use a cell phone when they use a hands-free device, such as an earpiece.

    You can help reduce distractions while driving by limiting the number of passengers in your car, pulling over to a safe area to eat or to make phone calls, and pulling over to the side of the road if you’re drowsy. Resist the temptation to reach for items in the car that have fallen while you’re driving. Although they are simple steps, they can help reduce your risk of having a car accident. Reach out today if you need help with your car accident case.

    Watch Your Speed

    Speeding causes thousands of fatal injuries every year. It may not seem like a big deal to drive a little bit over the speed limit, but it could cost your life, the life of someone else, or at the very least, damage to your car. The speed limit is set to protect you and other drivers. To make sure you aren’t tempted, it’s best to give yourself plenty of time to get where you’re going.

    Leave Tailgating for Football Games

    Tailgating might be fun at football games, but it’s annoying and dangerous on the highway. When you follow too closely, you risk being involved in a rear-end collision with the vehicle in front of you. Rear-end collisions can result in significant physical injury and damage to your car.

    It’s best to follow the three-second rule. To apply this rule, you are following at least three seconds behind a vehicle on city streets and approximately five seconds behind a vehicle on the highway traveling at speed. Watch as the car in front of you passes a stationary object and count how many seconds it takes you to reach the same object.

    Another rule of thumb is to keep a car length between you and the car in front of you for every ten miles per hour you’re traveling. So, if the speed limit is 50 mph, keep five car lengths between you.

    Wear Your Seatbelt

    Seat belts are engineered to keep you secured in the car in case of an accident. Don’t neglect to wear one every time you get in the car. Even if you’re just planning to drive around the block, wear your seatbelt because you never know when you’re going to get into an accident.

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, seat belts could reduce car accident-related injuries and deaths by almost 50 percent. It might be the single most effective way to reduce your risk of injury or death from a car accident. It takes about three seconds to put your seatbelt on, which ensures you’re in the right position to benefit from your airbag if it’s deployed during an accident. Without a seatbelt, you can slide under the airbag or hit the windshield, both of which can cause significant physical injury.

    Treat Parking Lots with Respect

    parking lot accidentThey might seem innocuous, but parking lots present a challenge and a risk for car accidents. Most people drive slowly and watch out for pedestrians while searching for a great place to park. You also need to watch for shopping carts, kids, and car doors opening.

    Look for a parking spot away from the busiest areas of the parking lot. Park in the center of the spots and reposition your car if it’s too close to one side or the other. This protects your car from getting dinged by car doors and scratches from pedestrians walking between the cars. Take care while you’re backing out of your parking spot. Not all drivers are watching for other cars, so it’s your responsibility to watch for them.

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