Negligent Security Claims in Georgia

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    Security is important for the well-being of everyone in our society. Although people always face the risk of being the victim of a crime, there are places where people expect to feel safe. This may include business offices, restaurants, bars, stores, and other places of business. 
    Inadequate Security
    Security negligence occurs when companies do not have adequate security on their premises and thus have not taken the necessary steps to protect their customers. For example, if a person is assaulted in a warehouse parking lot or injured in a shooting at a shopping center, that person may have been the victim of negligent security. This may result in a civil lawsuit against negligent property owners.  
    Because each case is unique and the “reasonable” standard of care can be difficult to distinguish, you need an experienced lawyer by your side to look for all potential sources of recovery on your behalf.
    Types of Negligent Security Cases
    Many negligent or inadequate security demands involve attacks or assaults by intruders or criminals that occur at the owner’s premises or in a business complex. Recently, negligent or inadequate security demands have included a wide range of properties such as bars, hotels, offices, shopping centers, and other premises for public use. There are several main types of negligent or inappropriate security cases. These may include:

    • Landlord Liability Security: A landowner and property manager do not provide tenants and their guests reasonable security in the building and grounds.
    • On-Campus Responsibility: Students are injured due to lack of reasonable security in their campus dormitories or classroom buildings.
    • Bank Responsibility Security: Bank owners do not provide the necessary security to their clients when they carry out their activities at the bank.
    • Employer Safety Responsibility: The employer does not offer a reasonable level of security to the employees who are working in its facilities.

    Common Causes of Inadequate/Negligent Security
    Georgia law gives property owners the responsibility of keeping the people who live, work, or visit their property safe from outside threats. For any kind of security threat or damage, the owner will likely remain responsible if he or she was negligent in providing adequate security. 
    Examples of negligent security demands include an inadequate number of security guards at the owner’s premises, not providing sufficient lighting in the parking lot or other construction areas, lack of security cameras that would otherwise help curb crime or assaults, or a failure to repair broken windows, door locks, or intercom systems.
    Get Help From an Experienced Negligent Security Lawyer 
    If you have been injured on someone else’s property, contact an experienced Georgia personal injury lawyer to increase your chances of receiving the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. Corporations have considerable power and the resources necessary to deny their valid negligent security claim. Do not be a victim twice. If you have been seriously damaged in this type of case, do not expect the responsible company to pay you fairly for your damages.
    If you or a loved one has been seriously injured as a result of negligent security, you should seek legal help and consult with an experienced attorney. Contact the attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan R. Brockman today.


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