Is a Business Responsible for Altercations Occurring on Their Premises?

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    Have you been hurt at a business during an altercation? Do you believe the altercation wouldn’t have happened if the business owner had taken steps to keep people safe on their property? In Georgia, a property owner may be responsible for altercations occurring on their premises. As a result, if you were injured in an altercation on someone else’s property, you could be entitled to compensation.

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    When a Business Is Responsible for Altercations Occurring on the Premises

    Property owners in Georgia have a legal duty to maintain safe premises for guests with a right to be on their properties. This is the basis of premises liability law. Sometimes, altercations occur in part because property owners neglect this duty. Consider the following examples:

    • Lack of adequate security – The types of security measures property owners must take can vary depending on the nature of their properties. For instance, perhaps someone runs a nightclub or similar establishment. They may need to employ security personnel to guard against fights. An altercation may be more likely to happen if the owner doesn’t employ adequate security personnel.
    • Lack of protective measures – A property owner may also have to take measures to ensure there are no dangerous spots on their property where altercations can happen. For example, maybe a property owner fails to install adequate lighting in an area of the property. Or maybe they don’t install security cameras in all necessary locations. In addition, they might fail to equip their windows and doors with proper locks. All these failures could potentially leave guests vulnerable to harm during altercations.

    Premises liability law applies to all areas of a property. For example, a business may be responsible for altercations occurring in the interior areas of their properties. In addition, a business is sometimes responsible for altercations occurring in its parking lot or in other exterior areas.

    Who Pays Victims If There Is an Act of Violence on the Premises?

    An act of violence in any location can leave innocent bystanders with injuries. If the property owner or business is at fault for the altercation because of a failure to make their property safe, injured parties could be eligible for financial compensation from the property owner’s insurer. By filing insurance claims, they can seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and similar losses. They might even seek compensation for intangible losses like pain and suffering.

    Identifying the Liable Party

    Seeking compensation requires identifying the liable party. A property owner may be liable if a violent altercation occurred because they neglected their duty to invitees/guests. These types of premises liability cases are unique. There may be multiple liable parties in these instances.

    For example, the property owner may be liable if the altercation resulted from their negligence. However, the individuals who actually committed acts of violence may also be liable. Naturally, they’ll face criminal penalties, but they may also be the targets of civil actions.

    Someone injured in the altercation could thus file multiple claims. Doing so may improve their chances of receiving the full amount of compensation for which they’re eligible.

    An insurance company may not always offer the compensation a victim deserves, or an insurance policy’s limits may not be sufficient to cover all your losses. You don’t have to accept an insurance company’s settlement offer if you believe you’re eligible for more money. When an insurance company won’t pay up, a victim can file a lawsuit to seek damages in court.

    Proving a Business Owner Is Responsible After an Altercation

    Business people sitting around a light wood conference table discussing, Is a Business Responsible for Altercations on Their Premises?Proving liability after an altercation at someone’s business can be complex. Various factors can influence whether a business owner is liable.

    For example, you may aim to show that an altercation occurred because a business owner failed to hire or train security personnel. In this scenario, you would have to show the business owner should have known they needed said personnel. You could do so by showing how altercations are relatively common in the type of business they run. Or you might show how the business is in a high-crime area, and thus requires more security than other businesses.

    Gathering evidence to show you deserve compensation may require investigating the incident. This is one of many tasks an attorney could handle on your behalf.

    Contact a Georgia Premises Liability Lawyer

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