How You Know If Your Deposition Went Well

    Posted on Wednesday, February 1st, 2023 at 10:02 am    

    How You Know If Your Deposition Went WellIn any legal matter, including a personal injury case, the parties exchange evidence during a process known as discovery. Attorneys have various tools available during the discovery process. One example is a deposition. Attorneys use depositions for interviewing opposing parties and other witnesses. Depositions allow attorneys to conduct interviews and ask questions to uncover the facts of a legal matter. 

    Being questioned by a lawyer for hours at a time can be stressful. However, a seasoned personal injury attorney can prepare you for anything that might come up during a deposition, including an unexpected question or assertion. A lawyer can advise you before the deposition and support you during questioning to ensure you don’t say anything damaging to your case. 

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    What Is a Deposition?

    A deposition allows attorneys to obtain evidence through witness testimony in a personal injury case. An attorney may depose any party or witness, including expert witnesses. The legal term for a party responding to questions in a deposition is “deponent.”

    A deponent always has the right to attend a deposition with an attorney. If you attend a deposition alone without legal representation, you may unwillingly provide information that damages your case.

    Depositions typically occur in the conference room of a law office but can take place anywhere agreed upon by the parties participating in the deposition.

    A court reporter is in attendance to record everything said during a deposition. When the deposition concludes, the court reporter will create a written transcript. 

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    Did You Prepare for the Deposition?

    If you hired an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you, your attorney likely prepared you for the deposition. You should have answered almost every question without hesitation or doubt. A lawyer can help you provide direct answers without wordiness or unnecessary pauses. An attorney can ensure that you phrase your responses in ways that establish and strengthen your case. 

    Did You Answer Questions Directly?

    In any deposition, you want to show the opposing side that you are a credible witness. You can demonstrate credibility by giving direct answers without hesitation and being honest and forthright when you fail to know or remember something. 

    Did You Communicate Your Side of the Case?

    How You Know If Your Deposition Went Well 2Many people feel uncomfortable when they testify under oath. This discomfort can understandably cause uncertainty and forgetfulness. During a deposition, you have the right to respond that you cannot remember specific details about the facts of the case.

    However, preparation can help alleviate discomfort and ensure you are sufficiently familiar with the facts to communicate your side of the case. 

    At any deposition, you should have the ability to remember and discuss facts of the accident or incident, including:

    • The time, date, and location of the accident or incident
    • Road, weather, and safety conditions at the scene of the accident
    • The motor vehicles or equipment involved in the accident
    • Applicable information from the police report
    • The frequency with which you sought treatment for your injuries
    • A doctor’s diagnosis of your injuries
    • The cost of your medical treatment for your injuries
    • Your work history for the last decade
    • The effects of your injuries on your ability to make a living
    • The impact of your injuries on your daily life, including your ability to perform tasks or participate in hobbies

    Providing clear and straightforward answers to questions about these factual issues will help you feel confident that your deposition was a success.

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