I Got Hit By a Drunk Driver, What Am I Entitled To?

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    Refusing to get behind the wheel while intoxicated doesn’t guarantee that you’ll never get hurt in a Georgia drunk driving wreck. You could be hurt in a drunk driving crash because of someone else’s irresponsible choices. If you have been injured, you may be asking, I got hit by a drunk driver, What am I entitled to?

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    Seeking Compensation After a Drunk Driving Crash in Georgia

    In Georgia, when someone causes a crash, anyone injured can seek compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. An injured victim can file an insurance claim to get the money they need. If the driver doesn’t have insurance, or if their insurance company doesn’t offer a fair settlement, the injured party can file a lawsuit.

    Losses for Which You Can Seek Compensation After a Georgia Drunk Driving Wreck

    Being injured in a crash can lead to a wide range of losses, and not all of those losses are financial. In personal injury cases, the compensation an injured person can pursue after being injured due to someone else’s actions is divided into two classifications. They are:

    • Compensation for economic losses
    • Compensation for non-economic losses

    Economic Losses

    An economic loss is one that clearly “shows up on a balance sheet.” For example, your medical bills after a wreck have an exact dollar value. So do your lost wages. As such, both of these losses qualify as economic losses.

    Some economic losses may consist of future losses. This might be the case if your injuries leave you in need of ongoing medical care. In these circumstances, you may have to estimate the cost of future treatment when seeking compensation. If your injuries result in permanent impairment that prevents you from returning to your pre-injury job or earning the same amount of money you were making prior to the wreck, that loss of future income or future earning capacity can also be included in your compensation.

    Non-Economic Losses

    Non-economic losses are intangible, subjective losses that are less easily quantified. These are losses like pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, or anxiety and depression. A skilled lawyer can assess the value of these losses and include that calculation in their demand for compensation to the insurance company.

    I Got Hit By a Drunk Driver, What Am I Entitled To?

    What is the average drunk driver settlement? There’s no exact answer to this question. Many factors can influence settlements after drunk driving wrecks.

    The specific type of wreck is one such factor. For example, the average settlement for a rear-end collision by a drunk driver may not be the same as the average settlement for a head-on collision.

    Other factors include:

    • The severity of your injuries
    • The duration of your recovery
    • The nature and extent of your non-economic losses
    • The cost of your medical bills and related costs
    • Whether you have any lost wages
    • Whether you need long-term care
    • Whether your injuries will prevent you from working indefinitely

    What Should I Do After a Wreck with a Drunk Driver?

    Angry man with an open container and red and blur police lights flashing in the back window, exemplifying the question: I Got Hit By a Drunk Driver, What Am I Entitled To?

    There are certain steps you can take after a drunk driving wreck to improve your chances of receiving the full amount of compensation for which you’re eligible. They are:

    • Calling police in the immediate aftermath of the wreck to report it
    • Exchanging contact and insurance information with the other drivers
    • Taking pictures of the crash scene
    • Taking pictures of your injuries
    • Finding out if any video footage of the wreck exists
    • Seeking medical care on the day of the wreck
    • Not admitting fault when discussing the crash with anyone
    • Saving copies of your medical records
    • Getting statements (or at least contact information) from witnesses at the scene of the crash
    • Following your doctor’s prescribed treatment plan exactly
    • Not discussing your case openly or posting about your case on social media
    • Not accepting an insurance company’s first settlement offer

    You don’t have to take all the above steps yourself. Hiring an experienced car accident attorney will simplify the process of building a strong case and allow you to heal from your injuries while someone else does the heavy lifting with regard to getting the money you need.

    Contact a Georgia Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

    A drunk driving crash can dramatically transform your life. It may be particularly frustrating to know you’re struggling because of someone else’s poor choices. Are you now asking, I got hit by a drunk driver, what am I entitled to? The answer is compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and possibly more.

    At Jonathan R. Brockman, P.C., experienced and knowledgeable Georgia DUI accident attorneys are on hand to help you pursue the money you deserve. Learn more about how we can help by contacting us online or calling us today at (770) 205-8827. Our legal team will give you a free consultation to determine your case specifics.


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