Georgia Injury Attorney Blog

on February 25th, 2017

Worker's Compensation in Georgia (Part1)

Today begins our three part series on Worker’s Compensation in the state of Georgia. In the first part we will provide a basic introduction to Worker’s Comp, part two will cover how to file a claim, and in the final part we will talk about 3rd party personal injury claims. Part 1 – Introduction to…


Worker's Compensation in Georgia (part 2) – When You Need a Lawyer

Earlier this week we posted a brief introduction to Workers’ Compensation in the state of Georgia. We told you what workers’ compensation is, and answered some basic questions that we often receive from individuals who have been injured on the job. Today we’d like to discuss what to do if you have been injured, but…


Your work injury may be worth more than you think

In the first two parts of our blog series on worker’s compensation we introduced the concept and answered questions we often receive when an individual is injured on the job, and also discussed why you would need a lawyer for a personal injury claim. In this final section we are going to talk about when…


Jonathan Brockman Supports Healthy Kids- Liberty Middle School

Promoting healthy kids and lifestyles is important to everyone at the personal injury law firm of Jonathan R. Brockman, P.C. We had to help when we heard about Liberty Middle School’s Patriot Path. The idea for the Patriot Path was introduced by former student of Liberty Middle School, Glenn Cagle, who, as part of an…


Time To Upgrade To A Venti? Lawsuit against Starbucks.

Did you stop for coffee on your way into work this morning? If you found yourself needing a second cup there might be a surprising reason. Starbucks finds itself facing a lawsuit that alleges they are knowingly under filling our coffees, lattes and frappuccino. In an article at reports that to reach this conclusion…


Are you being mislead by false amazon reviews?

Major online retailer has filed another suit against websites that create false 4 and 5 star reviews for products on their website. Sellers can pay websites such as and to falsely review their products, creating an unfair advantage with their competitors. While Amazon doesn’t believe these false reviews encompass a majority of…


Vehicle Collisions Where Fault Was Driving Without Headlights

When a defendant’s insurer denies a claim a personal injury attorney is often required to obtain justice for the injured party. This was the case for Betty McManus, who was seriously injured on Windward Parkway in Alpharetta, Georgia when she turned left in front of Defendant’s oncoming vehicle. The Defendant driver admitted to driving without…


Are Your Headlights Bright Enough? What Are The Best Headlights?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) evaluated the headlight ratings of 31 2016 model midsize vehicles. The upsetting conclusion is that the majority of headlights are not rated well. The test: IIHS tested the 31 vehicles at their IIHS Vehicle Research Center track on a dark night. They measured the light from both high…


Undercover investigation costs Walgreens $500k for misleading ads

Walgreens ordered to pay $500K fine for misleading ads New York’s Attorney General’s office has found that Walgreens has been misleading their customers in sales practices. An undercover investigation discovered that Walgreens have been practicing deceptive sales tactics on more than one front: Sales Ad Deception: Prices were posted in Walgreens print advertisements that would…


Johnson and Johnson lose $55 millions in talcum powder lawsuit

Broken trust in a household name Johnson and Johnson, a name synonymous with baby care and health products, has been ordered to pay $55 million to a woman who claims that years of using Johnson and Johnson’s talc-powder containing products caused her to develop ovarian cancer. She is not the only woman who has come…

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