Product Liability Lawyer in Carrollton

    Product Liability Lawyer in Carrollton

    Did you or someone you love get hurt by a defective product in Carrollton, Georgia? If so, you might be overwhelmed by uncertainty regarding your medical expenses, legal rights, and what you can do to hold the product manufacturer accountable. You could be entitled to compensation for your losses, and a knowledgeable product liability lawyer in Carrollton can help you get it.

    At Jonathan R. Brockman, P.C., we understand the profound consequences of product liability injuries and the domino effect they can trigger in your life. Our team of compassionate and seasoned Carrollton personal injury attorneys stands ready to offer unwavering support and effective legal representation. If you’re grappling with the aftermath of a product liability incident, call us at 770-205-0933 for your free, in-depth consultation.

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      What Do Product Liability Claims Cover?

      Every day, countless consumers depend on various products to facilitate their daily activities, trusting manufacturers to ensure the safety and efficacy of these items. Unfortunately, sometimes products fail, causing serious harm to users. Some common types of product liability claims cover:

      • Prescription Drug Defects: These claims arise when drugs have unexpected side effects or manufacturing or labeling defects, leading to adverse reactions or long-term health issues.
      • Airbag Defects: When airbags deploy unexpectedly or fail to deploy correctly during a collision, it can result in severe harm, leading to product liability claims against manufacturers.
      • Faulty Auto Parts: Other claims involving defective automotive parts, such as faulty brakes or tires that blow out prematurely, are also prevalent.
      • Faulty Medical Devices: When medical devices like pacemakers or hip implants fail or cause unforeseen complications, affected patients can pursue product liability claims.
      • Dangerous Food Products: Claims in this category arise when consumers fall ill due to consuming food contaminated with foreign objects, bacteria, or other harmful substances.
      • Defective Appliances: When household appliances or electronics malfunction due to design or manufacturing flaws, causing fires or injuries, users can file claims against the manufacturers.
      • Hazardous Consumer Products: Everyday items like cleaning agents or personal care products can give rise to claims if they cause harm due to inadequate warnings or defects.
      • Defective Toys: Some claims arise when children’s toys have design, manufacturing, or labeling flaws that cause injuries. Missing warning labels and toxic materials are common issues.

      Who Could Be Liable in a Product Liability Claim?

      In product liability cases, identifying the responsible party is key to seeking rightful compensation. Various entities in the product’s journey to the consumer might share responsibility for defects. Here are common examples of potentially liable parties in product liability claims:

      • Manufacturers: These primary producers can be accountable if a product defect arises during the manufacturing process.
      • Designers: If a product’s initial design is flawed, designers might be liable, too.
      • Suppliers: Defects in substandard raw materials can leave suppliers subject to liability.
      • Assembly Plants: Errors during production or assembly phases can make these facilities liable.
      • Distributors: Distributors can be at fault if their actions cause defects during bulk handling.
      • Retailers: As the final sellers to consumers, retailers also have a duty to ensure product safety.

      What’s the Process for Pursuing a Product Liability Claim?

      The process for pursuing a product liability claim typically starts with the injured party or their lawyer identifying a defect and linking it to their injury. Once you know or suspect you have a product liability claim, it’s important to:

      • Consult an Attorney: An experienced product liability lawyer can protect your rights and handle every aspect of your claim while you focus on recovery.
      • Gather Evidence: This includes the defective product itself, medical records, purchase receipts, and any other pertinent documentation.
      • Notify the Liable Parties: This often involves sending a formal notice to manufacturers, retailers, or other entities involved in design, manufacturing, or distribution of the defective product.
      • Negotiate: Many cases are resolved through negotiations without proceeding to court.
      • File a Lawsuit: If you cannot reach a settlement, a lawyer can initiate a lawsuit on your behalf.

      Georgia Product Liability Laws

      When it comes to defective product claims in Georgia, timing is essential. If you suffer an injury due to a faulty product, you have two years from the date when you got hurt to initiate legal proceedings. Missing this deadline could bar you from seeking any compensation, no matter how strong your claim. If you’re considering a product liability claim, acting swiftly is essential to preserve your rights.

      On another note, a ten-year filing window starts when you initially bought the product. So, if you get hurt after this ten-year span, you might not have the right to pursue a claim, even if it’s been less than two years since the injury. 

      Average Settlement Amounts for Product Liability Claims

      It’s natural to be curious about the typical payout for product liability claims, but the reality is that there’s no standard or average settlement. Every claim is as distinct as the person filing it. Factors such as the product’s nature, the injury’s extent, and associated losses all affect the final compensation amount. A product liability lawyer in Carrollton can help you understand and maximize your potential payout for losses like:

      How Can a Product Liability Lawyer Help Me with My Case?

      Product Liability Lawyer in Carrollton2Dealing with injuries from a defective product can be overwhelming. But a trusted product liability lawyer in Carrollton can play a pivotal role in guiding you through the various stages of filing a claim by:

      • Gathering and preserving crucial evidence related to your injury.
      • Evaluating the full extent of your losses, both immediate and long-term.
      • Consulting with industry experts to strengthen your claim.
      • Documenting all medical treatments and expenses for compensation.
      • Researching the product’s history for prior defects or complaints.
      • Interviewing witnesses who can corroborate your claims.
      • Investigating the product’s chain of custody to identify irregularities.
      • Communicating with manufacturers, distributors, and retailers on your behalf.
      • Negotiating settlements with the opposing party.
      • Representing you in court if litigation becomes necessary.
      • Drafting and submitting all required legal documents in a timely manner.

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