Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer in Fayetteville

    Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer in Fayetteville

    Have you suffered spinal cord damage in an accident caused by another party’s negligence in Fayetteville? If the medical bills pile up and you can’t work, stress might worsen your situation.

    You may be able to seek compensation for your medical bills and other losses from the at-fault party. A personal injury claim or lawsuit allows injured victims to demand justice. You may pursue money to cover your injuries and other losses from the accident.

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      What Are the Most Common Kinds of Spinal Cord Injuries?

      Any trauma to your back has the potential to cause a spinal cord injury. The level categorizes spinal cord injuries on your spine where the damage occurred.

      • Cervical spine: C1-C7. The cervical spine is the top part of the spine, from the base of the brain to the top of the shoulders. Neck trauma can damage the spinal cord and cause catastrophic injury. You could be paralyzed from the neck or shoulders down or have trouble moving your arms and hands.
      • Thoracic spine: T1-T12. The thoracic spine is the area around the upper back, from shoulders to about your waist. You could have compromised arm or torso function or be unable to walk.
      • Lumbar spine: L1-L5. The lumbar spine is your lower back. Damage here could affect your ability to walk. You could have problems moving your hips and legs and have difficulty with the organs in the pelvis.
      • Sacral spine: S1-S5. These vertebrae connect to the coccyx, which is the base of the spine. An injury here could affect your hips, legs, and voluntary control of your bladder and bowels.

      How Serious Are Spinal Cord Injuries?

      The seriousness of your spinal cord injury depends on the degree of harm to the spinal cord. An incomplete spinal cord injury is one that leaves the injured person with some sensation and control below the level of the injury. Complete spinal cord injuries are more serious. In these cases, the injury leaves the person with no sensation or control below the level of the injury.

      Even “less serious” spinal cord injuries are still a matter of significant concern. A medical professional should check out any back injury.

      How Can a Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer from Jonathan R. Brockman, P.C. Help Me?

      If you’re planning to file a lawsuit for compensation after a spinal cord injury, a Fayetteville spinal cord injury lawyer can help in many ways. They can:

      • Investigate the cause of the accident and determine which parties are liable
      • Gather all available evidence to build a case against the responsible party
      • Assess the value of your claim
      • Submit a demand letter to the insurance company outlining your case and advising them of an appropriate settlement amount.
      • Review any communication from the other party, including their lawyer
      • Negotiate a settlement with the defendant’s insurance company
      • File all necessary motions to advance your case
      • Represent you in mediation or arbitration
      • Argue your case at trial in a Fayetteville civil court

      Your attorney is your advocate and supporter throughout the process. They can offer bespoke legal advice based on your situation and protect your interests.

      Common Spinal Cord Injury Causes

      Spinal cord injuries may happen through either penetrative trauma or blunt trauma. Any back or neck injury could cause damage to the spinal cord. Some of the most common situations that can cause a spinal cord injury include:

      What You Need to Know about Georgia Spinal Cord Injury Laws

      Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer in FayettevilleGeorgia is a modified comparative fault state for spinal injury lawsuits. This law governs how the court views cases but also influences insurance adjusters. An injured person can only collect compensation if they are less than 50 percent at fault for the accident. If the injured person is more than 50 percent at fault, they will be ineligible for compensation.

      Even if you are found to be less than 50 percent at fault, your compensation will be reduced by your share of the fault. For example, if your compensable losses are $100,000, and you were ten percent at fault for the accident, your compensation would be reduced to $90,000.

      Another law you need to be aware of is Georgia’s statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit. You have two years from the date of the injury to file your claim. Otherwise, you forfeit your right to sue.

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      Our Fayetteville spinal cord injury lawyers can address your specific concerns in a private consultation. These are some answers to our clients’ more common questions about filing a spinal cord injury lawsuit.

      How long does a spinal cord injury lawsuit take?

      If your case goes to trial, it can easily take over a year from filing the lawsuit to when a jury returns a verdict. However, most cases are settled out of court, which may take less than a year.

      How do I know what my spinal cord injury is worth?

      The more severe your injury, the higher your settlement will likely be. If you’re permanently paralyzed and require nursing home care, your settlement should cover these costs. Someone who fully or mostly recovers may have a much lower settlement.

      How much does a spinal cord injury lawyer cost?

      Our lawyers work on a contingency basis, so we only get a fee if we win your case. Our fee will be an agreed-upon percentage of your settlement or award.

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