How Texting While Driving Causes Truck Accidents

    Posted on Monday, December 20th, 2021 at 10:36 am    

    texting while driving truckAs cell phones become more and more useful to us, it’s important that we consider the potential hazards associated with their use. Though cell phones are integral to navigation, communication, and entertainment, using them while driving can be extremely dangerous behavior. This is particularly true for truck drivers. Not only are they breaking the law, but truckers who use their phones while behind the wheel dramatically increase the chance that they’ll cause a collision.

    Truck accidents can be devastating, bringing property damages and severe injury to all of those involved. There are several ways truck drivers’ cell phone use can increase the risk of a large truck accident.

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    Reduced Focus

    Whether they’re sending a quick text, shuffling a playlist, or exploring nearby meal options, truck drivers’ extended cell phone use while driving can be extremely dangerous. When truck drivers engage in cell phone use, they’re taking their focus away from the road. This makes the trucker and any surrounding vehicles vulnerable in the event that they should have an unexpected encounter on the road. Such encounters might include:

    When they engage in cell phone use while driving, truckers are putting you and your passengers directly in harm’s way. This practice prevents them from remaining focused on the road and significantly increases the risk of a large truck accident.

    Impaired Reaction Time

    Not only can texting while driving reduce truck drivers’ focus, but it can also have an effect on their reaction time. As mentioned above, there are many potential hazards on the road that truckers are better equipped to avoid if they are not using their cell phone.

    Because of their length and turning radius, large trucks often have extended stopping times and make wider turns than traditional passenger vehicles. If the driver isn’t paying attention while performing these maneuvers, these factors can pose significant threats to you and the occupants of your vehicle. If truck drivers engage in cell phone use while they’re behind the wheel, they will be unable to maintain a good reaction time and avoid potential collisions with nearby motorists.

    Damages Associated with Truck Accidents

    Large trucks are much bigger than passenger vehicles and therefore have the potential to cause greater destruction in an accident. Such collisions may include rollover accidents, T-bone accidents, jackknife accidents, and rear-end accidents. These collisions not only cause significant damage to your vehicle but also place you in danger of severe injury. Some examples of injuries often sustained in large truck accidents include:

    These injuries are just of the few that victims of truck accidents often sustain. In addition, victims of large truck accidents are susceptible to other forms of psychological and emotional trauma, including loss of companionship, loss of mobility, or loss of enjoyment of life.

    Accident Statistics

    georgia truck crashA report by Trusted Choice Insurance claims that “the state of Georgia prohibits: The use of handheld cell phones by all drivers [and] The use of any cell phones, even hands-free, by school bus drivers [and truck drivers].”

    A report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that in 2014, there were 155 fatalities as a result of Georgia truck crashes.

    A report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states, “Of the approximately 510,000 police-reported crashes involving large trucks in 2019, there were 4,479 (1 percent) fatal crashes and 114,000 (29 percent) injury crashes.”

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